Pre Op

When you schedule your surgery you will be given a date for your pre operative appointment. This is usually scheduled about two weeks prior to your surgery. On that day you will come to the office and meet with me for a pre operative physical examination. At that time we can go over your surgery again and answer any questions you might have. I will give you a prescription for the medications you will need after surgery. I will give you written instructions for everything you will need to know before and after your surgery. You will then have blood drawn for your pre operative blood test.

Important things to remember before surgery:

Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery.

Don’t take any over the counter medications or herbal products for two weeks before surgery without consulting me.

If there is any possibility that you are pregnant please notify me.

Wear clothing that is easy to put on after your surgery is complete.

Post Op

When your surgery is complete you will be moved into the recovery room where you can be closely monitored until you are fully awake and ready to go home. You will never be alone in the recovery room, there will always be at least one nurse with you. Some patients would prefer not to go home but rather to a post operative care facility. If you would prefer this please let me know. We have several to choose from and would be happy to explain them to you. Once you are ready to leave you obviously will be unable to drive yourself home. Please make sure to arrange for some transportation home and make sure your driver can be reached so that we can notify them when you are ready to leave. If you are going home you will need a care taker with you for the first twenty-four hours. Your care taker needs no medical training and will not have to change bandages. They will need to give you your medication, possibly apply a cold compress or ice pack and help you with your food. Your care taker will be given complete instructions prior to leaving the office. Remember, you will need a ride to the office the next day or the following day for your post operative visit.

Important things to remember after your surgery:

If you have a problem or a question call my office number and you will reach me or the doctor on call.

A small amount of blood on bandages is normal. If you are not sure call me.

Take your medication as ordered. If your pain medication is not working well enough let me know.