Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is actually a combination of a cosmetic procedure and a reconstructive procedure. For this reason the cost is frequently covered by most insurance carriers. The insurance companies have very specific criteria that a patient must meet in order for the procedure to be covered. If you are interested in having breast reduction surgery it would be determined on your initial visit if you meet these criteria. If so your insurance company will be contacted to see if they agree. The insurance companies are looking for symptoms such as neck, back and shoulder pain or breast pain, etc.

Breast reduction surgery involves three components, removal of breast tissue to reduce the size of the breast, elevation of the remaining breast tissue above the fold below the breast and elevation of the nipple and arreola above the fold below the breast. Consequently the procedure will create scars on the breast. These are located completely around the margin of the arreola, from the bottom of the arreolar margin to the fold below the breast and in the fold below the breast. The resulting scar is the shape of an anchor. Because this is a two sided procedure and involves a lot of design and suturing, it usually takes three to four hours to complete. A general anesthetic is normally used, but hospitalization is not required.

Breast reduction surgery normally will relieve the symptoms created by the excess size and weight of the breast. Patients who undergo breast reduction are frequently very happy with their symptom relief following surgery. Recovery from this surgery is usually rapid and easy.
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